Reptilienzoo Happ

Nur was man nicht kennt, fürchtet man

Our mission:

To take away people’s fears of snakes and to overcome prejudices!

Gründer Friedrich Happ

Gründer Friedrich Happ

(13. 06. 1920—6. 11. 2000)

Reptilienzoo Happ

The Reptilienzoo Happ’s front view

Leiterin Helga Happ

Director Helga Happ


Friedrich Happ (13. 06. 1920—6. 11. 2000)

Our team:

  • Helga Happ (Director)
    Generally sworn and court-certified expert for reptiles and venomous animals
    Apprentice trainer
  • Hannes Happ, BA, MSc
    Scientific direction
    Certified Curator of Microbiology
  • Sabine Happ
    Senior Zookeeper
    Certified animal psychologist
    Apprentice trainer
  • Carmen Happ
  • Keeper
  • Christoph Schmidhofer
  • Sarah Gattringer
  • Verena Rumpold
  • Apprentice
  • Jaqueline Mairitsch
  • Melissa Mick
  • Melanie Klein
  • Assistants/Auxiliary staff
  • Cashiers
  • Volunteers

The youth is especially important to the dedicated expert, Helga Happ.
As a pedagogue, she understands the importance for our environment of maintaining the wellbeing of nature, animals and species; an importance that should be particularly nurtured in children.
Austria’s domestic reptiles are Helga Happ’s speciality.

  • Admission Charge 2018
    regular prices
    Adults: € 15,00
    Children (4–15 years): € 8,00
    Student/Army: € 13,00 / € 8,00 (ID-Card!)
  • Opening times 2017
    Summer: 9am–6pm
    Winter: 9am–17pm
    November closed!
HAPP's Reptilienzoo

HAPP's Reptilienzoo