Services of the reptile Zoo Happ

  • Approximately 1,000 animals are to be accommodated and cared for within the Reptile Zoo (yearly inspections by technical authorities).
  • Recreational and educational centre for visitors.
  • Education Centre for Children & Youth (Middle School Teachers hold the lectures).
  • Species Conservation: the various protected reptiles are bred in order to prevent their extinction.
  • Nature Conservation: development of the ARGE Sand Viper in order to pursue the protection of habitats.
  • Animal welfare: Offspring of domestic snakes are released into the Carinthian wilderness (Carinthian Nature Protection Advisory Board).
  • Training centres for apprentices.
  • Training centres for executive authorities.
  • Carinthia’s Reptile sanctuary
  • Our operations to help people and animals (emergency number available 24/7).
  • Serum Depository


The offspring of our Zoos are not a one-off accident nor are they random, they are instead the result of a continuous breeding effort over the years.

To name a few, we count the African dwarf crocodile Osteolaemus tetraspis; several kinds of giant snakes such as pythons, boas, Madagascar boas; poisonous snakes such as cobras, mambas, rattlesnakes; various species of lizards, local snakes and various species of turtles as examples of successful in-house breeding.

  • Admission Charge 2018
    regular prices
    Adults: € 15,00
    Children (4–15 years): € 8,00
    Student/Army: € 13,00 / € 8,00 (ID-Card!)
  • Opening times 2017
    Summer: 9am–6pm
    Winter: 9am–17pm
    November closed!
HAPP's Reptilienzoo

HAPP's Reptilienzoo