Copulation of the Python regius

Paarung Königspythons 19 10 14 (6)

Copulation of the Ball Python Python regius This species cannot readily be sexed by spur lenght or tail configuration, and also can be difficult to sex …

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Copulation of the Liasis mackloti

Paarung der Macklot´s Pythons

The gestation period for this species is about 60 days. Clutch size varies from 8 to 14 eggs. Thermoregulatory muscle constractions have been observed in …

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Copulation of the Acrantophis dumerili

Paarung 01 10 14Madagaskarboas (2)

Actantophis dumerili and A. madagascariensis occupy a unique position in reptile conservation. The vulnerable status of this boas results not only from collecting or lack …

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