The zoo

Hunde willkommen

Dogs are welcome

Kinder im Zoo

A child-friendly destination

Grüner Leguan im Freilandgehege

A Green Iguana in a free and open area

Nattern im Freilandgehege

Vipers on open-air

Nattern im Freilandgehege

A Bred Crocodile



Langhalssaurier im Sauriergarten

A Diplodocid Dinosaur in the Dinosaur garden

Kaninchen im Streichelzoo

Rabbits in the petting zoo

Meerschweinchen im Streichelzoo

Guinea pigs in the petting zoo

Free Parking

A family-friendly destination

Dogs are welcome (on a leash)

The Zoo presents around 1.000 animals on an area of 4000 m²
Tropical house with 400 m²
20 different species of lizards: Stump crocodiles with their offspring, etc.
60 different species of snakes: mambas, cobras, rattlesnakes, etc.
20 different species of turtles: like the alligator snapping turtle, Pancake tortoise, etc.
Piranhas – Aquarium
Insectarium with various types of arachnids (spiders, scorpions, etc.)
Outdoor area with:

  • monitor lizards
  • Iguanas
  • Agama
  • Green Lizards
  • Oscellated lizards
  • Rattlesnakes and vipers from around the world
  • Austrian snakes
  • European and American pond turtles, giant tortoises, elephant turtle and European tortoises
Wörthersee – Aquarium (14.000 Litters) with pike, catfish, carp …
A Dinosaur garden with nearly up-to-scale displays

Petting zoo

The favourites of many of our visitors are the young crocodiles, whom you can even touch and stroke if you want during their feeding on Saturday afternoons.


The Tarantulas “listen” through the hairs on their legs, which are stirred by the sound waves.


In the shaded dinosaur garden, adults can take a break – while the children can go on a discovery trip.

We ask for your understanding that the petting zoo is not allowed to enter.

Again and again, there were registered cases of animals becoming injured due to visitors’ improper handlings. We strive to save the rabbits and guinea pigs, not hurt them. All animals that can be reached from the parapet can be petted. If no animal is nearby, you can ask the Zookeeper for carrots with which to attract the bunnies, etc.

The animals in the petting zoo were handed over by their respective owners because they were no longer wanted or because there was no place left for them…

  • Admission Charge 2018
    regular prices
    Adults: € 15,00
    Children (4–15 years): € 8,00
    Student/Army: € 13,00 / € 8,00 (ID-Card!)
  • Opening times 2017
    Summer: 9am–6pm
    Winter: 9am–17pm
    November closed!
HAPP's Reptilienzoo

HAPP's Reptilienzoo